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Gift Sets

Gift Set Ideas 2020

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your friends, family, colleagues, or partner, Spongellé offers a wide range of gift sets.
 You can choose between many different gift sets. Some include just an exfoliator in beautiful packaging, and some come with other goodies. No matter which gift set you go for, you can rest assured the person who receives it will love it! Not only will they smell great, but they’ll also feel refreshed after each shower.
 And if you really care about someone, you should go for a gift set that also comes with other goodies besides the exfoliator. This way, the person you’re surprising with our gift set won’t just have excellent showers, but they’ll also be able to take care of their skin post-shower.
 The best thing about Spongelle gift sets is that they’re safe for all skin types. Even if the person you’re planning on surprising with a Spongelle gift set has incredibly sensitive skin, you can rest assured they won’t feel any adverse effects.
 What’s more, you can add a more personal note to the Spongelle gift sets if you try out our letter writing service. Nothing says, “I care about you” more than a letter full of sweet words. There is no emoji or instant message that can replace an old-fashioned letter!