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Christmas Gift Sets 🎄

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Colleagues, Friends & Family

We have a wide range of products that will make a perfect Christmas gift for your friends, family, and even your colleagues. Among our sets, you will definitely find the best Christmas gift ideas for 2021. What’s more, since our products come in beautiful packaging already you won’t even have to wrap them up!
Spongelle products offer much more than just pleasant fragrances. Our body wash-infused exfoliator does wonders for the skin. For starters, the exfoliator features a unique texture that both scrubs the dirt for the skin and massages it simultaneously. No matter who you’re planning on surprising with a Spongelle Christmas gift, you can be rest assured they’ll feel clean and refreshed each time they use one of our exfoliators.
What’s more, our products do more than just clean you; they also nourish your skin. Whether you decide to go for a buffer or an exfoliator, they are both infused with a body wash that’s full of vitamins and nutrients that make the skin incredibly soft and smooth.
And if you want to really mix it up, you can also throw in one of the famous Spongelle body souffles into the gift mix. Body souffles are an excellent choice for a Christmas gift for both your colleagues and loved ones. If you notice any of your colleagues or loved ones has dry skin issues, they will love our souffle. This product doesn’t only provide the skin with essential nutrients, but it also allows it to breathe. On top of that, since all our souffles feature essential oils, they also help the skin retain the water.
Lastly, if you don’t know which of our products to go for, you can simply go for one of our gift sets!